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Four-knife Splitting Machine



This machine is a four-knife splitting machine with independent hydraulic system, convenient electric control system, simple operation and setting, safe and reliable, and can realize automatic production.

Features of splitting machine:

1. Security

The controllable work of the splitting machine in the static hydraulic environment will not produce some hidden dangers; it does not need to take complex safety measures.

2. Environmentally friendly

When the splitter is working, it will not produce vibration, impact, noise, dust, flying chips, etc. The surrounding environment is not affected, even in densely populated areas or indoors, and next to precision equipment, it can work without interruption.

3. Economical

The splitting machine can complete the splitting process in a few seconds, and can work continuously without interruption, with high efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs.

4. Accuracy

The splitting machine can accurately determine the splitting direction, splitting shape and the size of the required part in advance, and the splitting precision is high.

5. Applicability

The humanized shape design and durable structure design of the splitting machine ensure that its use method is simple and easy to learn, only needs one person to operate, convenient maintenance and long service life.


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