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Horizontal Pull Hole Device



This product can be used to make a horizontal hole-pulling device for special-shaped bricks with horizontal holes. It is installed above the frame of the plate feeding device of the block forming machine, and includes outrigger components, fixed frames, walking frames, floating frames and driving devices. The upper and both sides of the outrigger assembly are respectively provided with guide rails, the fixed frame is arranged above the outrigger assembly, the walking frame can be slid left and right on the guide rail through the driving device, and the floating frame is fixed on the two guide rails away from Above the fixed frame, mandrels are uniformly distributed in front of the walking frame, and shaft holes for each mandrel to pass through are uniformly distributed on the floating frame, and each mandrel is correspondingly penetrated through each shaft of the floating frame. on the hole.

The new concrete transverse hole hollow block is a new type of wall material, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional blocks such as “heat, seepage, cracking”, etc. It is of great significance to the construction of “two-oriented society” and has broad application prospects.


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