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REIT has been engaged in researching and developing the concrete block making machine for more than 15 years. During this period, through the research and development of new technologies, we paid attention to the improvement of the production efficiency of the brick making machine. At the same time continued to innovate to manufacture new and efficient block machines. Of course, we also use high-quality materials for the relevant accessories of the brick block machines. The main accessory equipment we put into the market include block bricks molds and wooden pallets.

List accessory equipment of cement block making machine

Pallet – The brick block pallets are transferred to the automatic stacker and placed on the curing rack. Each curing rack can hold hundreds of brick blocks as well. Once the rack is full, a set of rails will be formed to move into the curing kiln. One kiln can accommodate several curing racks of block brick, usually as a low-pressure steam kiln. Finally, the bricks were left in the kiln at room temperature for three hours until hardened. As accessory equipment of block making machines, It is significant.

REIT concrete block making machine can produce different types of blocks only by changing the mold. At the same time, it may produce kinds of block bricks according to different mold. Such as hollow/solid blocks, river bank bricks, slope protection bricks, square bricks, grass planting bricks and paving bricks, etc. Our block mold made through newest heat treatment device, it assures longer mould life span.