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REIT Service

For over 20 years, REIT has consistently adhered to the principle of servicing our clients with integrity and best knowledge. Hongyi delivers complete client-oriented services ranging form pre-sales service, mid-sales service, and after-sales service to extended services.

Pre-sales service



offer valuable consultation

offer advice on the choice of investment modes

help determine the optimal factory site


offer design plans for building the factory

Mid-sales service

REIT is glad to share its industry-related knowledge and professional technology with its customers in order to help they yield quality products and gain maximal interest within shortest time.


assist in supervising during factory construction

offer on-the-spot instructions on installing and modifying equipment


help draw up management rules for the site operations and quality management system


offer free training

After-sales service

REIT has prepared a complete and detailed file for its customers to record such information as equipment models, configurations, installing environment and conditions about the manufactured products. In so doing, we are more convenient to render speedy service for our customers. Besides, technical revisit is periodically or indefinitely provided to ensure our customers have access to the latest technical advances made by REIT at the very first time.

assist in determining production components

offer remote network service

on-the-spot technical repair service available upon request


safe and speedy parts distribution

Extended service

Using the global user network, REIT has established service and components distributing network, which allows users from different places to enjoy the equally speed and timely service.

assist in making marketing strategy

share latest industry information

renew the mold



technology support for products application

share the latest achievements made by REIT