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REIT has exported kinds of block brick making machines to the world since 2004 till now. Meanwhile, involving the oversea market as USA, Canada, South Korea, Russia and other developed countries. As expoerted concrete block machine manufacturer in China, we produce advanced brick machines with related grouped equipment. List the products as three bin hopper, blender grouped equipment, four-knife splitting machine, horizontal pull hole device and also insulation block benzene board insertion device, etc.

Main equipment introduction

Self-dumping hopper – The concrete bucket is a super-heavy automatic dumping hopper, which can handle super heavy materials such as concrete. In fact, we have adopted the three bin hopper, which allows more loading and faster blanking. And it completely improves the production efficiency during block brick making process.

Concrete mixer – (also called concrete batching plant) is a equipment that mixes cement, sand aggregate and water into concrete mixture. In addition, the concrete mixer is an important component to realize the mixing of brick’s soil before the brick block is made. Our cement mixer (named blender grouped equipment) uses advanced technology and automatic processing device to achieve full automatic unmanned control. It is greatly improving the work efficiency.

Concrete splitting lines – The high-performance automatic concrete splitting line is firm and reliable, and can produce a large number of top quality concrete splitting blocks. REIT adopts the exclusive technology as two structures on the four-knife splitting machine. Meanwhile, the external structure allows the upper-blade to be lowered more accurately. In addition, it also allows the splitting action from bottom to top, which has significantly improved the processing quality.