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REIT Block Making Machine FAQS

How much do your Block making Machine Plants cost ?

Concrete blocks making machine plants can be divided into fully automatic, automatic and semi-automatic categories. According to the degree of automation and daily output needed, the prices can vary. You can email us for a price based on your specific needs.  We will put together options within your budget.

Fully Automated Block Machine Plant systems range from US $550,000 to nearly US$1,500,000

Automatic Block Machine Plant systems range from US $150,000 to US $450,000

Semi-Automated Block Machine Plant systems range from US $15,000 – US $60,000.

Can your machines make other products in addition to concrete blocks and paving stones ?

Absolutely, with a simple mold change our machines can make a wide variety of products. Some models of machines are best suited and more profitable for you to produce certain products on than others.

Our machines have manufactured a wide variety of concre products. I’ve listed below, a few of the hundreds of products that have been produced on our equipment.

Concrete Hollow core building blocks,Solid Building blocks,Interlocking street pavers,Concrete Erosion Control blocks,Solid and cored bricks,Insolated building blocks,Mortarless building blocks,Retaining Wall blocks.

Architectural Cast Stone Products:

Thin set pavers ¾” (19mm) thickness Mining support Blocks,Roof shingles,Rubber pavers,Soffit Cored Blocks,Manhole Blocks,Kerb stones,Fencing blocks,Rebar Spacer units,Drainage blocks,Landscape units,Water meter boxes,Cribbing,Roof Ballast slabs,Screen Block,Parking Bumpers,Splash Blocks

Do you sell equipment internationally ?

Absolutely. We have shipped equipment all around the world.we supplied in USA,Canada,Russia, Korea,Malaysia,India,Middle east North Africa, Iran,China also . In all total, We’ve supplied concrete machinery equipment in over 100 countries and area

How do I request a quote on blocks plants and concrete machinery ?

The normal sequence of events is done two ways.

  1. Please note if you want prices on a new plant , don’t ask to us quote all the Levels of plants or machines I have available. That is like walking up to a car dealer and saying “give me every price of every car you have for sale.” If you need to don’t understand the Levels of  equipment or confused about what you need, try to simply  explain your project to us in detail. Let me know what products you want to make and how many you want to make or how many concrete units you think can be sold in a day? Why do you need to do this project? It is also helpful to know what    month you need to be in operation and how much you are    willing to invest for a concrete products manufacturing  operation.
  2. If you tell us about your project We should have enough information to send you an offer. If we do not have enough information we will contact you by email or phone within approximately 72 hours with any further questions. After gathering any additional details, we then will make sure you get the most appropriate equipment package offer to match your needs.
  3. You can simply pick up the phone and give us call at from our web. We can discuss your project and our people will answer your questions.

Are you willing to sign a confidentiality agreement ?

Yes, we have always worked with clients on development of machinery or concrete products that require the utmost secrecy and confidentiality. We recommend to our clients they always have their suppliers sign a CA if they are introducing new products or something that if of great value. Especially if this item or process could be of finance lose to you if someone else were to gain access to it.

Where can I go see a machine or complete plant in operation ?

Because of confidentiality and respect to our clients ,and we do not talk specifically about who, what and where they are located. We can ,however, ask for their permission for you to tour their facility once you and we discuss what products you want to produce. It is always good  for you to visit a plant operation that is using similar equipment and  products that you might be producing.

In most cases it is not a problem to obtain a plant tour.