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Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

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Concrete block forming machines are the machines that produce new wall material blocks. Meanwhile, the main materials of concrete blocks are fly ash, river sand, stone, stone powder, smelting slag and small amount cements. The new wall materials are mainly block and cement brick. Most of them adopt hydraulic forming mode, and some also adopt vibration forming mode. For quality semi automatic block making machine REIT made, we have exported to oversea market over 30 countries.

REIT Semi automatic block machines

Semi automatic block making machine is a popular mechanical model. Especially, it is a automatic block forming machine with parts of manual function, which is suitable for making various types of hollow blocks, solid blocks, pavers, curbs, etc. It is designed for small-scale street projects. The most important reason for purchasing it, is lower cost than fully-automatic block making machines.

Which components consist of concrete block machines

As usual concrete equipment, it will include concrete batching plant used to manufacture concrete. In additional, other main equipment list below:
1. concrete bucket also used to manufacture concrete mixture
2. concrete conveyor usually used to transport gravel things
3. concrete crusher used to crush large rocks
4. About concrete cutting machine, its uses is for grinding
5. Finally, the concrete mixers used to mix concrete ingredients.