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Concrete Aerated Block Production Line


From the operation of a brick machine production line to the final molding and production, in addition to the mutual cooperation of various systems of the machine itself, the early stage also needs to prepare plant site selection, staffing, public and auxiliary facilities, process design and so on. It can be called a complete production line.

Site selection

The selection of plant site shall comprehensively consider geographical location, earthquake, meteorology, water supply, power supply, raw material supply and transportation. Scientifically and reasonably determining the plant site and arranging the logistics line in the plant area is an important work to reduce investment, improve efficiency and increase benefits. While determining the plant, we should make a good development plan for the second and third phases in the future.
According to the above principles and the opinions of customers, and considering the actual situation of the factory, the original site and plant shall be used for plane layout. The specific site layout plan shall be drawn by our technicians according to the site conditions.


1. Prenatal training
Personnel will be trained one month before equipment installation. Content: process technology, production operation, equipment operation, equipment maintenance and overhaul.

2. Prenatal preparation
Prepare relevant rules and regulations, organize study and pass the examination; During equipment installation, the external trained personnel shall be familiar with the equipment and supervision and inspection along with the installation and commissioning personnel; Prepare raw materials, auxiliary materials and tools into the factory one month before commissioning.

Main public and auxiliary facilities

1. Power supply
Total installed power consumption: about 450KW
Power supply voltage level: 380V / 220V

2. Water
Total water consumption: about 40m3 / day
Including: 38 m3 / day for production; Cleaning equipment, etc. 2 m3 / day.
Water quality requirements: all general potable tap water and clean natural water can be used as production water. It is required that the water shall not contain harmful impurities or grease, sugar, etc. that can affect the normal hardening of cement. Therefore, sewage, industrial wastewater, acidic water with pH value less than 4 and water with sulfate content (calculated by SO4) exceeding 1% in water shall not be used.

3. Steam
If steam curing is required, pipe steam shall be provided by the plant. Due to different production products, the steam consumption is different, about 90kg per cubic meter of concrete.

4. Transportation
It reflects the continuous production, reasonable logistics, simple transportation, compact layout and reasonable production process.

Process flow (excluding stacking system)

Product curing – outdoor natural curing is adopted, and the method is as follows:
The finished products are put on the pallet and pushed outdoors by car. After standing for 6-12 hours, they are manually removed from the pallet, stacked to the specified height, sprayed with water to moisturize, and covered with plastic cloth for insulation. After seven to ten days, they can be stacked and packaged. After 28 days of curing, they can be transported for sale.

Production flow chart of the whole line of brick machine equipment:


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