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Bricks are one of the most basic and ubiquitous building materials in the world. Traditionally, bricks have been made manually in kilns through labor-intensive processes. However, automatic brick making machines have now modernized brick production, allowing for higher quality bricks at a lower cost.

Automatic brick making machines can create a variety of brick types including solid clay bricks, fly ash bricks, concrete bricks and paver blocks. Here are some things to know about automatic brick machines:

How Brick Making Machine Automatic Work?

Most automatic brick making machines use a similar basic process:

1. Raw materials like clay, fly ash, sand and cement are fed into the machine.
2. The ingredients are precisely measured, mixed and ground to create a homogeneous brick mixture.
3. The mixture is automatically fed into brick molds and compacted under high pressure.
4. The molded brick units are ejected from the molds and sent through a drying or curing process.
5. The finished bricks are removed from the machine and stacked or packed for storage.

Many automatic brick machines utilize a continuous production process to maximize output. They offer various molding types and produce different brick sizes.

Main Components Of Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine

Automatic brick making machines mainly consist of these five components:

1. Feeding hopper – Stores and feeds raw materials into the machine.
2. Mixing system – Precisely proportions and blends the ingredients using mixer shafts and agitators.
3. Molding system – Contains molds that shape the brick mixture and compact it under pressure.
4. Drying or curing system – Uses heat, centrifugal force or other methods to harden the molded bricks.
5. Discharging system – Removes finished bricks from the machine and stacks or packs them.

Benefits Of Automatic Brick Machines

Automatic brick making machines offer these main advantages over manual brick production:

• Higher output – Automatic machines can produce thousands of bricks per hour.
• More precision – Components ensure accurate proportions, mixing and shaping of brick mixtures.
• Consistency – Automatic processes create bricks that are more uniform in size, shape and properties.
• Less labor – Once setup, automatic machines require fewer labor hours to run.
• Less waste – Less brick mixture is wasted during molding and production.

Cost And Capacity Of Bricks Automatic Machine

The price of automatic brick making machines varies based on production capacity and features. Small single mold machines costing $10,000-$20,000 can make around 1,000 bricks per day.

Larger tunnel kiln machines range from $200,000 to over $500,000 and can produce over 100,000 bricks daily. Fully automatic brick making machine for sale with compacting systems, drying chambers and packers cost more but increase productivity.