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The safe operation of the automatic block making machine is related to the production efficiency and the operator’s personal safety. They should master the safe operation guide and respond flexibly to various conditions of the equipment to fundamentally improve the performance of the block making machine. Here we summarize the safe operation guide of automatic block making machine.

We from the automatic block making machine before work, work, after the shutdown of the three aspects to introduce its installation and operation guide. In strict accordance with the standard requirements to implement, which process problems should be first maintenance and then continue the next step of work, the details are as follows:

Before work

  1. To check the parts of the automatic block making machine fastening bolts are loose, the various lubrication parts are damaged or lack of oil.
  2. Check whether there is cementing material in the hopper and mold, if there is, it should be removed in time.
  3. Check the starting circuit is normal, the electromagnetically operated valve is normal work, check whether the button on the operating table in the ready to work position.
  4. Check whether the hydraulic oil in the tank is within the specified range, if it is missing, it should be added to the required position and then work.
  5. Check the oil pipe, hydraulic pump and cylinder for oil leakage, and ensure that there is no oil leakage point before starting the machine.
  6. When everything is normal, the equipment can be started, and frequent downtime is avoided after boot.

At work

  1. When the automatic block making machine is in normal operation, it is necessary to observe the strength and appearance of the formed brick at any time. To avoid brick corner or burr, as well as fracture, high-quality steel pallet can effectively reduce production defects (details can be consulted South Korea Sanding Company).
  2. Check whether the temperature rise of the bearing, gear box and motor exceeds the limit, and it is not allowed to deal with the failure of the rotating part and the running part when the equipment is running, so as to avoid accidents, and it must be stopped to eliminate the fault.
  3. Before the automatic block making machine shuts down, it should be processed by the mixture in the mold and the material box to avoid stacking cementation for a long time, which will cause the mold to rust or block, and affect the next production.
  4. When there is no mixture in the block making machine, the power can be turned off.

After the shutdown

  1. Cleaning equipment and environmental hygiene after shutdown.
  2. Disconnect the power into the line switch of each device, make a record before you leave work.
  3. Responsible for the daily maintenance, lubrication and safety of the equipment in this process.
  4. Responsible for raw material moisture data and green body output quality and equipment accidents.
  5. When the equipment abnormal phenomenon has the right to stop to deal with the fault.

The above is a summary of the equipment safety operation guide for the majority of block making machine operators, and we can optimize the actual operation according to the working conditions of the automatic block making machine.