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Good Quality Concrete Block Making Machine Factories

Product Name good quality concrete block
Vibration Force 80KN
Vibration Power 2X2.5KW
Driven Motor 1.5kw
Operation Cycle 15~30s
Transport Speed 0.1—0.10m/s

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What Are good quality concrete block?

good quality concrete block are specialized pieces of equipment used to produce concrete building blocks, pavers, and other precast concrete products. These machines automate the process of mixing, molding, and curing the concrete, allowing for a faster, more efficient, and higher-quality output compared to traditional manual methods. As a leading good quality concrete block making machine factories, REIT is at the forefront of innovation in the construction industry. Our high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment is helping to transform the way buildings are constructed across China and around the world.
good quality concrete block making machine factories

How Do good quality concrete block Work?

  • Raw material loading: good quality concrete block are meticulously loaded with the essential ingredients – cement, sand, gravel, and water. This step can be performed manually or through an automated feeding system, ensuring precise measurements.
  • Mixing: Once the raw materials are loaded, good quality concrete block employ their advanced mechanisms to thoroughly mix them. The combination of high-speed and high-intensity mixing ensures a homogeneous and consistent concrete blend.
  • Molding: The well-mixed concrete is then carefully poured into molds of various sizes and shapes. good quality concrete block utilize their precision engineering to apply the right amount of compaction and vibration, eliminating air voids and achieving a solid and uniform structure.
  • Ejection: When the blocks have taken shape, good quality concrete block efficiently eject them from the molds. This swift process ensures minimal downtime and smooth workflow.
  • Curing: The ejected blocks are then moved to a designated curing area, where they undergo a controlled curing process. This critical step allows the blocks to gain strength and durability over a specific period, resulting in highly resilient and reliable end products.


The Applications of good quality concrete block

  • Residential construction: Concrete blocks are a popular choice for building foundations, walls, and other structural elements in homes and other residential buildings.
  • Commercial construction: The good quality concrete block can produce blocks for the construction of office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, and other commercial properties.
  • Infrastructure projects: Concrete blocks are used in the construction of bridges, highways, dams, and other large-scale infrastructure projects.
  • Landscaping: Concrete pavers and retaining wall blocks produced by these machines are commonly used in landscaping applications such as driveways, patios, and retaining walls.


Product Capacity RT15A Sample
Piece/Pallet 60
m2/Hour 216
10000m2/Year 103.7
Multi Hole Brick
Piece/Pallet 46
Piece/Hour 11040
10000piece/Year 5299
Standard Hollow
Piece/Pallet 15
Piece/Hour 3000
10000piece/Year 1440
Standard Brick240*115*53 Piece/Pallet 85
Piece/Hour 20400
10000piece/Year 9792
Hydraulic Block Piece/Pallet 8
Piece/Hour 1080
10000piece/Year 518
Solid Block
Piece/Pallet 15
Piece/Hour 2700
10000piece/Year 1296
Solid Block
Piece/Pallet 18
Piece/Hour 3240
10000piece/Year 1555.2
Solid Block
Piece/Pallet 30
Piece/Hour 5400
10000piece/Year 2592


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How Much Do Your Block Making Machine Plants Cost?

Concrete blocks making machine plants can be divided into fully automatic, automatic and semi-automatic categories. According to the degree of automation and daily output needed, the prices can vary. You can email us for a price based on your specific needs. We will put together options within your budget.

  • Fully Automated Block Machine Plant systems range from US $550,000 to nearly US$1,500,000
  • Automatic Block Machine Plant systems range from US $150,000 to US $450,000
  • Semi-Automated Block Machine Plant systems range from US $15,000 – US $60,000.

Can Your Machines Make Other Products In Addition To Concrete Blocks And Paving Stones?

  • Absolutely, with a simple mold change our machines can make a wide variety of products. Some models of machines are best suited and more profitable for you to produce certain products on than others.
  • Our machines have manufactured a wide variety of concre products. I’ve listed below, a few of the hundreds of products that have been produced on our equipment.
  • Concrete hollow core building blocks, Solid Building blocks, Interlocking street pavers, Concrete Erosion Control blocks, Solid and cored bricks, Insolated building blocks, Mortarless building blocks, Retaining Wall blocks.

Do You Sell Equipment Internationally?

Absolutely. We have shipped equipment all around the world.we supplied in USA,Canada,Russia, Korea, Malaysia, India, Middle east North Africa, Iran, China also . In all total, We’ve supplied concrete machinery equipment in over 100 countries and area.

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