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As a durable and stable building material, precast concrete masonry remains a popular choice for a variety of construction projects. To meet the demand for this versatile material, block production equipment manufacturers offer a range of options, including new and refurbished machines. Investing in advanced block makers can lead to optimized outputs and lower life-cycle costs, supporting the growth of precast businesses.

New Machine Options:

REIT Automatic Brick Making Machine

Reliable original equipment manufacturers offer commercial-grade machines designed for continuous duty cycles. Some key considerations when choosing a new machine include:

Capacity: Consider your daily production needs and potential for future expansion.

Technology Level: Automated machines can increase productivity but come with a larger budget.

Mold Options: Look for machines that offer flexibility to produce various block sizes and textures.

Support: Consider purchasing from a well-known brand with a reputation for providing application expertise and available spare parts.

Some top manufacturers of block presses, extruders, and tables include BYMAC, BGMC, Henan Jinyu, and laboratory precision block makers from Controls Group.

Refurbished Alternatives:

For those looking to save on costs, refurbished equipment can be a viable option when purchased from reputable used equipment dealers. Thorough reconditioning can address issues such as:

Structural Inspection: Ensuring worn structural components are reinforced for rigidity.

Hydraulic/Electrical Overhauls: Replacing hoses, valves, sensors, and control panels.

Mechanical Repairs: Refurbishing mold carriages, driveshafts, and other moving parts.

Paint/Coatings: Restoring corrosion protection and improving machine aesthetics.

Testing: Verifying that the machine meets all necessary specifications.

With proper restoration, refurbished machines can be a reliable and cost-effective alternative.

Optimizing Purchases:

When deciding between new and used equipment, key factors to consider include:

Budget: Refurbished machines may be a better option for start-ups, while new machines can offer more capabilities.

Application: Complex requirements may require a fully-loaded new machine, while simpler uses may be suited for a refurbished one.

Life Expectancy: Refurbished machines typically have a minimum 5-year lifespan, while new ones can last 10-15 years.

Support: New machines often have access to direct factory support, while researching the reputation of the refurbisher is important.

Proper due diligence, such as inspecting machines in person, can help verify the true condition before making a purchase. By considering these factors, precasters can make wise equipment investments that will support their business growth for years to come.

Maximizing Uptime:

Manufacturers typically recommend scheduled maintenance to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of their machines. Some common preventative tasks include:

Hydraulic fluid sampling/changes to preserve system integrity.

Greasing mechanical components according to the manual guidelines.

Electrical inspection for loose connections or component deterioration.

Structural inspection to locate any stressed or damaged parts that may require repair or replacement.

Control system software updates to support automated functionality.

Following a maintenance schedule can help ensure that all block making machinery is operating at its best and consistently meeting production demands.

In conclusion, reputable concrete block machine manufacturers offer both new automated solutions and expertly remanufactured options. By considering factors such as project scope, budget, and support requirements, precasters can make informed decisions about their equipment investments and sustain the growth of their business for years to come. And if you are in need of a concrete block machine for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details on our products.