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From foundational housing developments to industrial complexes, precast concrete masonry retains prominence as a durable, stable building material worldwide. Capitalizing on this expansive market, block production equipment manufacturers sustain comprehensive offerings including both new and refurbished machines. Investing in advanced block makers supports thriving precast businesses through optimized outputs and lower life-cycle costs.

small concrete block making machine

New Machine Options

Reliable original equipment manufacturers provide commercial-grade machines engineered for continuous duty cycles. Key choices involve:

  • Capacity: Consider daily production needs and potential for future expansion.
  • Technology Level: Automated machines boost productivity but demand larger budgets.
  • Mold Options: Flexibility to produce various block sizes and textures.
  • Support: International brands furnish application expertise, spare parts availability.

Industry leaders supplying block presses, extruders and tables include BYMAC, BGMC, Henan Jinyu and laboratory precision block makers from Controls Group.

Refurbished Alternatives

Refurbished equipment offers cost-saving opportunities when purchased through reputable used equipment dealers. Thorough reconditioning addresses:

  1. Structural Inspection: Reinforce worn structural components ensuring rigidity.
  2. Hydraulic/Electrical Overhauls: Replace hoses, valves, sensors, control panels.
  3. Mechanical Repairs: Refurbish mold carriages, driveshafts and moving parts.
  4. Paint/Coatings: Restore corrosion protection and machine aesthetics.
  5. Testing: Verify dimensions, pressures and automated routines meet specifications.

With proper restoration, refurbished machines provide reliable alternatives at lower entry points.

Optimizing Purchases

Key factors guide the optimal new versus used decision:

  • Budget: Refurbished savings better for start-ups while new maximizes capabilities.
  • Application: Complex requirements warrant fully-loaded new machines; simple uses suit refurbished.
  • Life Expectancy: Expect minimum 5-year lifespan from refurbished versus 10-15 years new.
  • Support: New machines access direct factory support; research refurbisher reputation.

Thorough due diligence such as inspecting machines in-person helps verify true condition before purchase. Either route grows block businesses wisely when appropriately tailored to needs.

Maximizing Uptime

Manufacturers prescribing scheduled maintenance safeguards investments. Typical preventative tasks include:

  • Hydraulic fluid sampling/changes to preserve system integrity.
  • Greasing mechanical components per manual guidelines.
  • Electrical inspection for loose connections or component deterioration.
  • Structural inspection locating stressed or damaged parts requiring repair/replacement.
  • Control system software updates supporting automated functionality.

Adhering to maintenance calendars maximizes uptime of all block making machinery for consistently meeting production demands.

In conclusion, reputable concrete block machine manufacturers supply both new automated solutions and expertly remanufactured options. Factoring project scope, budget and support requirements helps precasters determine the optimal equipment investments sustaining business growth for decades. By the way, if consider as concrete block machine for sale, please contact us for more products details.