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REIT Concrete block making machine uses slag, fly ash, fine aggregate, sand, stone, cement, etc as raw materials, scientific ratio, water stirring, and high pressure pressing of brick making machinery to produce cement bricks, hollow blocks and colored paving bricks.
The following precautions introduces to our customers for the maintenance of REIT automatic block making machine:
1. Always keep your concrete brick machine clean, remove the waste materials and oil stains on the automatic block machine, and scrub the surface of the block machine. When the brick machine is running, all the protective covers and floor covers must be installed.

2. When REIT bricks machine needs to be sealed for a long time, all parts should be protected against corrosion. The customer’s specific operation matters should be read the product manual carefully, and then put into action, so that your cement brick machine can be used smoothly and give full play to the superior performance of the block machine, and extend its service life.

3. Check the ground lead of REIT block making machine electrical part to avoid short circuit, and pay more attention to maintenance when using your cement brick machines, so as to reduce maintenance and produce more qualified products.

4. The automatic concrete block machine must be installed with reliable grounding device to ensure the safety of operators. If the grounding device is not installed as required, it is easy to cause electric shock casualties.

5. The brick surface is loose and the brick body is broken while it is produced, or the upper die is lifted up with the lower die when the brick is removed, the reason is the pressure of the upper indenter is too low.

6. If a bulge is found in the middle of the cement bricks during the production, the reason is that the pressure of the upper indenter oil cylinder is too high, or the vibrating time is too short, so that the upper mold cannot be pressed completely.

7. The motor of the oil pump is stopped or hard to rotate, which leads to the burning of the motor. The reason is that the pressure regulation of the main pressure regulating valve of the bricks machinery is too large.

8. The vibration force of the motor is insufficient, the brick cycle is longer or the brick is loose, because the pressure adjustment of the lower die is too large.

9. The reason for the welding or damage to the mold, balance arm and various parts of the block making machine is that the pressure adjustment of the lower mold is too small.

10. If the pressure regulating valve fails, the reason is that the pressure spring in the pressure regulating valve is damaged or failed.If the oil cylinder is found to be leaking oil, the reason is that the seal in the cylinder loses its sealing effect.

REIT automatic concrete block manufacturing machine could produce cement standard bricks, hollow bricks, colored bricks, slope protection bricks, roadside stones, and cement foam insulation bricks through changing different molds.
While continuously meeting the domestic market demand, our equipment is also exported to the USA,Canada, Russia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Algeria, Liberia, UAE and many other countries, and has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with customers. The quality and service is well received at home and abroad.