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The recipe for making Concrete Block Making Machine is very simple. The ingredients are Portland cement, sand, gravel and water. Sand and gravel are called aggregates. Other aggregates such as crushed stone or cinder are sometimes used.

When Portland cement is mixed with water, a chemical reaction occurs that hardens the cement. In doing so, it binds the mixed sand and gravel together into a hard rock-like mass.

Five types of cement

standard cement
This is normal grey cement. For all general construction. If you don’t specify otherwise, this is what you get when you buy cement.

White cement
All properties are similar to standard cement except the color is white. For mixing light colored Concrete Block Making Machine and mortar, for making colored cement.

High early strength cement
Hardens and develops strength faster than standard cement. Rapid use of driveways and sidewalks is permitted.

Air-entrained cement
This is not as strong as standard cement, but is highly resistant to frost and salt. Suitable for use where salt is used for deicing and snow removal.

Masonry Cement
A special mixture for making mortar with sand. Has more plasticity, water retention and easier handling.

The type of Concrete Block Making Machine mix is ​​represented by three numbers, such as 1:2:4, which is 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, and 4 parts gravel or stone. To make good Concrete Block Making Machine, you must accurately measure the ingredients.

If you don’t want to mix it yourself, you can buy a prepackaged mix at a higher cost. These contain the correct proportions of ingredients, all you need to do is add water.

Concrete Block Making Machine can be hand mixed on at least 4 x 6 feet of plywood. It can also be mixed in a
Concrete Block Making Machine walkways or driveways. Mix cement and sand until fully combined, then add gravel and mix until coated with cement. Make a crater in the middle of the pile and pour about half the measured amount of water. Rake up the sides of the pile and place in the water. When all the water has been absorbed, make a new crater and add the rest of the water.

Mixing large volumes of Concrete Block Making Machine by hand is hard work. If you need a lot of Concrete Block Making Machine, it’s best to buy or rent a Concrete Block Making Machine mixer. These instructions on how to make Concrete Block Making Machine are very simple and will give you quality Concrete Block Making Machine.

You can also make your own Concrete Block Making Machine blocks using handmade molds. This is a great home business opportunity. Concrete Block Making Machine blocks are always in high demand anywhere and you can have a home part-time business supplying them to building supply stores or directly to consumers.

Working in a garage, your costs are very low and you can produce quality products at very competitive prices. When you reach the stage where you need to increase your output, you can make a Concrete Block Making Machine block machine out of auto parts and sheet metal

This homemade Concrete Block Making Machine block machine can produce 800 or more blocks a day, which is as good as a commercial model worth thousands of dollars. Plans and instructions for making machines and hand molds are readily available.

Do you want to know how to make moulds and Concrete Block Making Machine block machines? Would you like to have your own business making Concrete Block Making Machine blocks? See our website for extensive information and available plans:

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