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Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Natural Resources jointly issued the “Overall Plan for National Important Ecosystem Protection and Restoration Major Projects (2021-2035)”, which has played a decisive guiding role in the development of China’s ecological and environmental protection industry. The management and restoration of China’s ecological environment has laid the foundation.

Based on the guiding policies in the “Plan”, China will gradually achieve the following goals by 2035:

  1. Endangered wildlife and their habitats fully protected
  2. The deterioration of marine ecology has been fully reversed, and the natural coastline retention rate is no less than 35%
  3. Nature reserves with national parks as the main body account for more than 18% of the land area
  4. Ensure that the wetland area is not reduced, and the wetland protection rate is increased to 60%
  5. A total of 56.4 million hectares of new comprehensive soil erosion control area has been added, and more than 75% of the controllable desertified land has been treated
  6. Grassland comprehensive vegetation coverage reaches 60%
  7. The forest coverage rate has reached 26%, the stock volume has reached 21 billion cubic meters, and the natural forest area has stabilized at about 200 million hectares.

This also indicates that in the next fifteen years, the capacity of the trillion-level market in our country’s ecological and environmental protection industry will be born, providing a broad development space for our country’s environmental protection enterprises.

Reto Eco-Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: RETO), since its establishment in 1999, has been based on “science and technology to improve the ecology”, based on the brownfield ecological restoration industry, and has contributed to China’s ecological governance and environmental protection. The protection and comprehensive utilization of solid waste industry provides a “one-stop” solution to restore the ecological functions and natural attributes of the destroyed area, so that it can recreate economic and social value, and achieve ecological restoration and regional economic synergy with a new model of industrial integration develop.

In the past few years, Reto Eco-Solutions has been committed to the restoration and protection of our country’s ecological environment. At the same time, in order to strengthen its own scientific and technological reserves, it has successively established R&D institutions such as China Reto Ecological Research Institute and Reto Soil Restoration Research Institute. Many domestic and foreign universities and well-known scientific research institutions cooperate to strengthen the ability of scientific and technological transformation, and continue to innovate in the field of environmental protection technology to solve my country’s ecological and environmental problems.

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The products and services of Reto Eco-Solutions cover soil remediation, tailings remediation, solid waste treatment, domestic sewage treatment and other fields, effectively solving the problem of local solid waste treatment difficulties and remaining ecological problems, and continuing to consolidate ecological restoration. As well as environmental protection achievements, and share the dividends brought by ecological improvement with local residents.
Reto Eco-Solutions will also adhere to the corporate development concept of “science and technology improves the ecology”, actively participate in our country’s ecological environment construction, strengthen technology research and development and innovation, undertake the social responsibility of a listed company, and contribute to my country’s mountain youth. , green water, beautiful people and make unremitting efforts.