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First of all, both brick machines can produce hollow blocks paving blocks curbstones and other concrete cement brick product as well.

There are a few differences between REIT full automatic hollow block making machine and a semi-automatic one:

1. It is for the mixer system:  in semi-automatic, the raw material cement, and water ratio is done by operators but in REIT automatic system, it is done by the machine.

2. In the pallet delivery system: in semi-automatic hollow block machine it is done by hand carts and in REIT automatic machine, it is done by forklifts.

3. The price of the machine: REIT automatic is more expensive than the semi-automatic machine

4. Both of the machines are operated by operators but in the fully-automatic machine, the machine is also automatic.

Experience the power of REIT automation. From raw material mixing to block molding and curing, the REIT burned-freely cement brick manufacturing machine automates the entire production process, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.

Unlock the secrets of efficient and innovative block production with the REIT Automatic Hollow Solid Block Making Machine. Learn how REIT state-of-the-art brick machinery operates and the numerous benefits it brings to you.