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Achieve more win-win results in the future common growth. Jointly promote the development and growth of both parties’ businesses.

Welcome REIT Indian leaders to visit the company

It is a great honor for the leaders of REIT Indian Joint Venture to visit our company.The REIT Indian joint venture company provided emphatically feedback on the use of fully automatic concrete brick block making machine in the local market and the latest market demand. During the meeting, we discussed the performance of brick manufacturing equipment all aspects of in the Indian market.

The discussion focused on how brick making equipment can improve production efficiency.How to Reduce Brick Manufacturing Equipment Costs. Suggestions such as adequate reduction of labor force.The leaders of the REIT India joint venture shared the development trends and directions of the local construction industry. It puts forward opinions on the continuous pursuit of more efficient, environmentally friendly and more durable production.

New suggestions were made during the negotiation process

In addition to existing orders, we also discussed the details of new orders and negotiated the signing of new contracts. During the discussion, the two parties had in-depth discussions on the quantity of brick machines, delivery time, payment methods, etc. On the premise of ensuring that the interests of both parties are protected. Many worthy suggestions were made.

To better understand customer needs. The REIT will further improve our block machine. And constantly optimize our block machine. In order to accomodate to the variability and development of the local market. REIT will strengthen cooperation with Indian joint venture companies. Explore new markets together. Promote machine technology innovation. Continuously improve product performance and quality. Meet the diverse needs of customers.

At last

REIT looks forward to achieving more win-win results with the Indian joint venture in future cooperation. Jointly promote the development and growth of both parties businesses. REIT thanks them for their support and trust in our automated brick making machines. REIT will do its best to provide them with the best quality services and products. Let’s create a better future together. Thank you for listening.