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February 26-29, 2024, REIT participated in the BIG5 exhibition held at the “Riyadh International Exhibition Center” in Saudi Arabia as scheduled. For Chinese companies, this exhibition means huge market potential and development space in the Middle East. China is currently developing rapidly, and more and more Chinese companies are going abroad to seek more development space. The Middle East plays an important role in the global market and deserves the attention of Chinese companies.

REIT Booth In Saudi Big5 Exhibition Was Particularly Popular

The exhibition site was very lively, and there was a constant flow of people coming to watch the exhibition. The REIT booth was particularly popular, with friends from all over the world gathering at the booth to learn about our automatic brick machine. REIT’s warm reception, professional explanations and pleasant negotiations have been recognized and praised by new and old customers and friends.

At the bustling exhibition site, it is not only REIT high-quality products that attract customers and visitors. High-quality services, professional knowledge, and the influence of the REIT brand have won professional audiences flocking to have in-depth exchanges.

Reit Has Dozen Years Of Experience In The Saudi Arabian Market

The REIT delegation was led by Vivian Hua, director of the International Business Department. REIT has dozen years of experience in the Saudi Arabian market and have received deep praise from regular customers in multiple projects in the Middle East. This exhibition can not only expand more new international business, but also enhance exchanges and communication with regular customers of REIT, and better understand the actual needs of new and regular customers.

This BIG5 exhibition has opened a magnificent journey to the Middle East with exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Next, REIT will move forward with higher quality, more stable pace, better service, and more professional knowledge. It is good to carry out new cooperation with customers to seize market opportunities and growth opportunities.