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REIT reaches strategic cooperation agreement with Regular Client in UAE

REIT has announced a strategic collaboration agreement with its regular client based in UAE. We will invest and operate a fully automated concrete block brick-making machine project together in the future. This collaboration signifies a deepening partnership between the two entities in the field of construction materials. It not only aims to foster mutual business growth but also promises to bring forth more opportunities and development space for the entire industry, offering innovative and efficient solutions.

According to the agreement, both parties will jointly invest in and operate a series of fully automated production line projects to meet the growing demand in the market for high-quality construction materials. The collaboration will leverage the expertise of REIT in advanced technology and innovation, combined with client‘s rich market experience in UAE region, to deliver outstanding solutions to their customers.

A significant milestone in this collaboration is the signing of an agreement for the third 18-type fully automated production line. This advanced production line will significantly enhance efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure consistent product quality. The introduction of this advanced technology will better meet market demands, providing customers with faster and more reliable services.

With the signing of this strategic collaboration agreement, REIT and client will jointly explore new opportunities in the field of construction materials, offering a broader range of higher-quality products and services to customers. This collaboration will not only boost the competitiveness of both parties in the market but will also drive the entire industry towards a more sustainable and innovative direction.