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As building needs grow globally, standardized cement blocks have revolutionized construction affordability and speed. Driving this efficiency forward, automated block making machinery molds consistent, durable blocks at superior rates.

Continuous Production

Block Making Machine

Fully-automatic block presses like models by Rilesun operate nearly unattended, consolidating a three-person manual process into one operator station. Continuous molding achieves outputs exceeding 50 blocks per hour at strengths matching prestige brick and stone.

Customizable Designs

Modular fabrication permits configurations from single-mold desktop units to multi-cavity towable or standalone plants matching any scale. Mold dimensions produce blocks as small as 4” or as large as 24” lengths in endless style variations.

Precise Compression

Self-adjusting tie-bar tensions evenly distribute over 60 tons of force. This compresses concrete mixes into block densities attaining 3,000+psi ratings. Resulting impermeability withstands weathering for long lifespans.

Sturdy Construction

Frameworks leverage durable S460MC carbon steel for maximum lifecycle. Direct material contact surfaces opt for easy-clean stainless. Forklift pockets ease transport of palletized outputs. Sound enclosures contain noise for any site.

Integrated Mixing

Self-contained powder dosing, water batching and high-shear pan mixers homogenize constituents to consistent slump. Proprietary formulations optimize strength-to-cost ratios for general builds or demanding structural projects.

Automation Benefits

Intelligent PLC controls orchestrate every stage from batching through ejection and palletizing. Instant production data aids quality upgrades. Automated greasing reduces friction wear. Conveyors transport blocks directly from press to storage.

Service Commitment

Global certifications validate reliability. Factory-trained technicians provide startup support and periodic system checks sustaining optimized uptime ratios over decades of usage. Parts logistics reach any project site.

As a leader in automated mixing and block forming innovations, REIT cement block making machine for sale replaces manual brickearth processes with cleaner, standardized, higher-output solutions for any size construction venture. Their integrated systems build a foundation for safer, more efficient infrastructure development worldwide.