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brick making machine equipment is the mechanical equipment for producing bricks, generally using stone powder, fly ash, slag, slag, gravel, sand, water and so on as raw materials. brick making machine equipment is usually for the building materials industry to produce coloured bricks, cement bricks and other wall materials series of products brick-making machinery and equipment in general.

According to the different materials used in the product, it can be divided into cement brick making machine, fly ash brick making machine, clay brick making machine and concrete brick making machine.

Brick making machine in the operation of the use is for the simplicity, the user can in a relatively short period of time to master the operation of the equipment. Such a machine greatly save manpower and time, the current application is more and more widely.

Common types of brick making machine

According to the sintering or not can be divided into: sintered brick making machine and free baking brick making machine;

According to the different moulding principles can be divided into: pneumatic brick making machine, vibration brick making machine, hydraulic brick making machine;

According to the degree of automation can be divided into: automatic, semi-automatic, manual brick making machine;

According to the different materials used in the product, it can be divided into cement brick making machine, fly ash brick making machine, clay brick making machine and concrete brick making machine.

Concrete is currently the most popular because of its hard-to-replace advantages, and we RETO Eco-Solutions,China would like to highlight it to buyers as well.

Features of Concrete Brick Making Machine

Concrete brick making machine adopts closed belt conveying, strictly control the amount of small material semi-storage, so as to send with the use of concrete, to prevent the concrete from being liquefied in advance by the effect of aftershock, to ensure the strength of the products.

The overall structure of the concrete brick making machine equipment is compact, reasonable equipment, and the rotating parts adopt mechanised devices, which are accurate and reliable. Reduce labour intensity and improve production efficiency. Upper and lower pressure, directional vibration, frequency conversion brake, to achieve high-density, high-strength moulding effect.

Concrete brick making machine is multi-purpose, with different moulds can produce different shapes and specifications of block products. The mechanical structure of each part is easy to observe, simple to operate, easy to maintain, not easy to fail to ensure that the production runs normally.

Advantages of Concrete bricks

  • The economic benefit is remarkable and the cost is low.
  • The production technology is mature: using high-pressure moulding technology, concrete bricks have good compactness, low water absorption, good frost resistance and high strength. With these advantages, it can be applied to a variety of urban construction projects.
  • The equipment investment is small and put into production quickly.
  • The concrete block products are widely used: concrete blocks by virtue of its own advantages in the garden, residential areas, colleges and universities, factories, pavements, squares and other environmental beautification on the wait for a fairly wide range of applications.

Environmentally friendly and reliable concrete brick making machine manufacturer

In this chaotic brick making machine market, no matter whether we want to buy brick making machine equipment, mineral processing equipment or crushing equipment and other heavy equipment. We all need to open our eyes to see this market and carefully select manufacturers. We RETO Eco-Solutions is an honest concrete brick making machine manufacturer from China,we have rich experience and countless long-term clients.

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