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Brick is the most traditional masonry material. As long as it is in the construction industry, there is almost no place without bricks. Whether it is high-rise buildings in the center of the city, residential buildings, or many famous places of interest from ancient times to the present, they are all built with bricks.Bricks have been used in the construction industry for a long time.

A brick is not big, but a building may be tall and wide. Therefore, the consumption of bricks in the construction industry is huge, and the consumption rate is also very fast.

At the same time, the sturdiness of the bricks determines part of the safety of the building. For safety and reputation, buyers must be responsible and aware of risks, and proactively purchase qualified raw materials of bricks and brick making machines.

brick making machine

How are bricks produced in a brick making machine?

A simple summary of making bricks is as follows:

scientific proportioning of raw materials—-adding water and stirring——high-pressure vibration molding—–short drying—–finished product leaves the factory

The working principle of the brick making machine is mainly to put the raw materials into the silo, compact the raw materials through the hydraulic system, and then put the compacted raw materials into the forming mold, and finally make bricks under the pressure of the host machine, and Transmitted via conveyor belt.

Main types of brick making machine

“Brick making  machine” is the general term for brick production equipment. There are many types according to different classification standards.

According to whether it is fired or not, it can be divided into: baking brick machine and baking free brick machine;

According to different forming principles, it can be divided into: pneumatic brick machine, vibrating brick machine, and hydraulic brick machine;

According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into: automatic, semi-automatic and manual brick machines;

According to the output size, it can be divided into: large, medium and small brick machines.

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Features of high quality brick making machine from China suppliers

First, it is simple to operate and maintain; second, it is highly efficient and can achieve large-scale production; third, the bricks have stable quality and high compressive strength; fourth, they are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and have low noise.

Wide and convenient application of brick making machine

The main usage scenarios of brick making machines include building materials production, road construction, landscaping, etc. In the field of building materials production, brick making machines can produce various types of bricks, such as red bricks, green bricks, pavement bricks, etc.; in the field of road construction, brick making machines can be used to make curbs, shoulders, etc.; in the field of landscaping, The brick making machine can make flower beds, lawn grids, drainage grids, etc.

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