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Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks are lightweight, energy-efficient building materials made by mixing lime, cement, gypsum, pulverized fuel ash, aggregate and other additives with water and air, and then curing the mixture under high temperature and pressure in an autoclave. AAC block making machine plays an important role in the manufacturing process of these blocks.

aac block making machine

Some major benefits of using AAC blocks over conventional brick and block construction materials

• Lightweight yet Strong – AAC blocks are 4 to 5 times lighter than clay bricks but have compressive strength comparable to concrete blocks. This makes them easier and faster to construct with while reducing transportation costs.
• High Thermal Insulation – AAC blocks contain about 80% trapped air inside tiny pores that provide superior thermal insulation. This helps regulate interior temperatures and minimize heating and cooling costs.
• Sound Insulation – The closed cell structure of AAC blocks helps reduce sound transmission, making them an effective sound insulation material.
• Fire Resistant – AAC blocks have good fire resistance properties due to their non-combustible material composition and low moisture absorption.
• Eco Friendly – AAC blocks are produced using sustainable materials like fly ash and have high recycling potential. They utilize less energy during manufacturing compared to clay bricks.
• Low Water Absorption – The closed cell structure of AAC blocks helps keep out moisture, making them resistant to dampness and contamination.
• Dimensional Stability – AAC blocks have very low drying shrinkage and maintain their shape and size throughout their service life due to low porosity. This ensures stable wall joints.

AAC block making machine is used to efficiently produce

An AAC block making machine is used to efficiently produce large quantities of standardized AAC blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes. These machines mostly adopt vertical shaft mixer technology to thoroughly mix the raw materials before charging the mixture into molds for autoclaving. Modern machines are equipped with advanced PLC controls for automated and precise operation.

Some key components of an AAC block making machine are a mixer, dosing system, molds, conveyors, autoclave and curing system. Proper machine calibration and maintenance along with use of high-quality raw materials ensure consistent AAC block quality with desired characteristics.