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One of the most common building materials used around the world is brick, due to its durability, affordability and aesthetic value. Manufacturing bricks can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process if done manually. However, brick making machines provide an automated and efficient solution for producing bricks on an industrial scale.

China Brick Making Machines Manufacturer, REIT

China brick making machine manufacturers have led the development of advanced technologies for automatic brick production. Chinese brick makers offer a wide range of machines to meet different production needs, from small to medium and large capacities. As REIT, a leading brick making machines in China, we always provide quality equipment. Such as basic brick making machines and Automatic brick machines.

Basic Brick Making Machine

A basic brick making machine uses a mixture of clay, sand and water that is fed into the machine and molded into brick shapes through a diesel-powered hydraulic system. The green bricks are then placed on pallets and transported to a drying area before finally being fired in a kiln to make finished fired bricks.

Automatic Brick Machine Offer Higher Molding Speed

More advanced machines offer features like automatic feeding systems, higher molding speeds, double molds and recipe setting systems. Fully automatic brick making machines can produce up to thousands of bricks per hour, significantly increasing productivity compared to manual brick making processes.

How To Choose A Brick Making Machine

Key factors to consider when choosing a brick making machine include the desired production capacity in bricks per hour, the size and dimensions of the bricks to be made, and the level of automation and sophistication needed. Other decisions involve choosing between hydraulic or electrical machines, single or double molds, and options for raw material preparation and brick handling systems.