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1. REIT auto concrete block forming machine adopts intelligent touch screen operation to stop and shut down the machine. When stopping touching, do not press it hard, and not touch with hard substances.

2. When lock machine overhauling, be sure to cut off the power first, and then carry out maintenance. When the bricks machinery is running, non-operating personnel should stay away from the block manufacturing equipment, and no one should touch the block machinery to avoid personal accidents, and no-load vibration operation for a long time is not allowed.

3. In the technical maintenance process of concrete block forming production line, different parts are equipped with inspection points, which need to be monitored by corresponding monitoring instruments. Various common tools and special tools must be fully equipped and recorded. According to the different environmental conditions of each construction site, workbenches, car tanks, workshops and other facilities required for maintenance and repair are set up to ensure that the technical inspection and maintenance of various cement brick machinery can be carried out smoothly.

4. According to the situation grasped in the inspection and maintenance process, formulate preventive measures and carry out necessary repairs to ensure the technical condition of the equipment in good condition.

5. After the bricks manufacturing finished, the adhesive on the pallet should be removed in time. The daily maintenance of brick pallets is very important, which directly affects the quality of block products. It can be cleaned with pallet grinding equipment, regularly turned over and oiled.

In a word, the correct operation and maintenance can effectively guarantee the product quality of the fly ash brick machine and prolong the service life of the concrete block making machine, thereby saving costs for the enterprise and enhancing the market competitiveness of the enterprise.