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REIT concrete block production line as a new type of environmental protection machinery has been widely recognized and applied in the brick machinery market. Currently, it has become the main production equipment in the field of environmental protection building materials. Now REIT will take you to learn about the detailed inspection work of your concrete block making machine production line before use.

1. Check for electricity problems before start-up

Cement block manufacturing machine equipment adopts a fully automatic production process, and electricity is one of the safety factors that cannot be ignored. In order to avoid circuit problems caused by equipment damage caused by some non-human factors, and ensure production safety. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether each wire is intact before starting the bricks machine, and replace the damaged ones in time.

2. Check equipment for wear and tear

Automatic fly ash block making machine, especially brick machinery that has been in production for more than one year, should be repaired and maintained before the components reach normal wear and aging according to the wear and tear statistics of the parts, so as to discover and eliminate hidden dangers, avoid late damage to the equipment, and ensure the normal operation of the assembly line.

3. Hard object and sundries inspection of materials

Do not start the feeder equipment first to avoid overloading and damage to block machine parts. Carefully check whether the produced materials are mixed with large substances, especially solid iron items, so as to avoid damage to the mold or indirect damage to other block machinery.

4. Check, clean and maintain parts of machine

Before starting up, check whether the screws of each parts are loose, and apply lubricating oil to each parts. After shutting down, clean every corner of the equipment to prevent trivial debris from falling into the equipment Cause abnormal operation of equipment or accelerated aging.

5. Clear the scene of irrelevant personnel

Install all the protective covers, floor covers and sealing nets in advance. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators to approach or directly put their hands or debris into the sealing nets, and clean up the personnel unrelated to work on the site before starting the machine, especially in the direction of the motor is strictly prohibited to stand, to avoid safety accidents.

In summary, the normal inspection of concrete block machine equipment before starting up, and the operation and maintenance according to the correct operation method can effectively guarantee the product quality of the brick making machine production line and prolong the service life of the concrete block forming machine line, thereby saving costs for the enterprise and improving Enterprise market competitiveness.