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Features of hydraulic cement brick machine:

1. The hydraulic concrete brick machine has a large forming pressure, which improves the quality of the cement brick, especially with the servo motor system. The pressure of the hydraulic block machine is as high as 200t, so the pressed bricks have high density and strength, which reduces the breakage rate of the bricks during transportation.

2. The automatic hydraulic cement block machine has a high degree of automation, saves labor, saves working hours, and has high output.

3. The hydraulic brick manufacturing machine adopts staged pressurization and multiple exhaust processes. During the pressing process, it adopts four pressurization and three exhaust processes, so that the air contained in the powder can be discharged smoothly during the pressing process. So the strength of bricks are higher and not easy to crack. The shrinkage rate is low, and the product quality is high.

4. The production noise of the hydraulic brick machine brick machine is low, and the damage to the machine is low. The hydraulic unburned fly ash brick making machine we produce is equipped with a top quality pneumatic shock absorption system, which can greatly reduce the noise generated by the vibration of the vibrating motor and the adverse effects of vibration on various parts of the equipment and damage to the human body, making the equipment more efficient stable and longer life.

Features of ordinary small brick making machine:

1. Small size and low power, the corresponding output will be lower.

2. The structure of the machine is simple, and the degree of automation is relatively low, so it need more labor during production.

3. It is shaped by three vibration motors during work, so the noise is relatively large.

4. The density of the produced bricks is low, and it needs to be dried for a period of time to achieve the required hardness, which would cost more labor time.

REIT construction waste brick making machine is a famous brand in China. It is divided into five types: four blocks miachine, six blocks machine, nine blocks machine, twelve blocks machine and fifteen blocks machine. There is no difference in the technical level of the equipment, only in terms of output. The model can be reasonably selected according to the production target.