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Walking on the street, you will find that the colorful paving bricks that have just been laid for a short time under your feet have quietly disappeared, replaced by cement blocks that look slightly rough and natural. This is a high-permeability, high-strength concrete paver brick made of new environmentally friendly permeable materials. This kind of brick is being promoted on a large scale all over the world and has been widely used on sidewalks in many cities.

This environmentally friendly concrete permeable pavement brick is an ecological ceramic permeable brick produced for the construction of a sponge city. The permeable brick has the characteristics of high strength, high water permeability, heat and noise absorption, no water accumulation, and no slippage, and the cement permeable brick is a high-tech product that meets the requirements of ecological environment and can abandon many defects of “dead ground”.

The concrete paving permeable brick has following five characteristics:
1. Concrete paving permeable bricks have good water permeability and air permeability, which can quickly infiltrate rainwater into the ground, replenish soil water and groundwater, maintain soil moisture, and improve the living conditions of urban ground plants and soil microorganisms.
2. The permeable bricks can absorb water and heat, adjust the temperature and humidity of the local surface space, and play a greater role in regulating the urban microclimate and alleviating the urban heat island effect.
3. Cement permeable bricks can reduce the pressure of urban drainage and flood control, and has a good effect on preventing the pollution of public waters and treating sewage.
4. There is no water accumulation after rain and no skidding after snow, which is convenient for citizens to travel.
5. The surface of permeable bricks is slightly concave and convex, which prevents reflection on the road surface, absorbs the noise generated when the vehicle is running, and can improve the comfort and safety of the vehicle.



In recent years, some cities have widely used eco-friendly permeable ground, so it is rare to see ground water. Their experience is to use permeable bricks in places with little pressure such as sidewalks, pedestrian streets, bicycle lanes, and suburban roads. The paving bricks are spliced with water-permeable filling materials. Concrete bricks with holes, and fill the block holes with soil to facilitate the growth of weeds, so that 40% of the ground has a greening function. In residential areas, parks and street squares, fly ash solid cement bricks are used for paving, and there will be gaps between bricks. Fill soil in the gaps, where natural grass can grow, Fully Automatic Block Making Machine  which can form a green area of 35%. Around the houses, on the walkways of residential areas, campuses and parks, due to the large number of pedestrians, paved with fine gravel or fine cobblestone, not only the ground has good water permeability, but also does not grow weeds. The main road surface of urban streets is paved with perforated bricks and gravel, that is, paving with perforated bricks. The stone can make the rainwater penetrate smoothly, and the heat reflection of the ground is also greatly reduced.

If concrete paving bricks with a surface layer are manufactured, the surface layer concrete must be firmly bonded to the base concrete and have more than 10% pores to allow water to seep into the ground.