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Within REIT stationary block making machines we have several models to choice from, starting with the largest level output level machine system. REIT Block machinery can be offered with many different handling systems depending on your budget, building space and products being produced. You can choose from Legged Pallet, Stacker handler, Rack Loader/Unloader, and Finger Car Systems.

Electrical motors of REIT paving brick machinery would be supplied to your countries Hertz, voltage requirements. At your request REIT can even supply the equipment with your choice of locally available electric motors, sensors and PLC controls. Also, REIT will supply you specification details for local fabrication of production pallets if you desire to produce the pallets locally instead of purchasing from REIT directly.

From the technical aspects REIT concrete block making machine is extremely advanced and a technology leader in the market.
Powerful Variable speed and amplitude Vibrator system vibrates brick mold uni-directionally (vertically), which saves mold wear and produces and denser concrete product.
Powerful Variable Speed Vibrators allows for adjustable settings and infinite settings for operation of the block making machines operation.
REIT cement block manufacturing machine can be equipped with core pullers or mold insertion device to provide a wider selection of products that can be made on the machinery.
The simple design and access for service of REIT bricks machine makes it very easy to maintain and service.
REIT Block machine comes equipped with rotary agitator feed box which allows for faster filling of the concrete into the mold box. This allows you to produce more cycles per day and make more money.

REIT concrete brick manufacturing machine is one of the most advanced level of concrete block and paving stone machine equipment systems. Companies that utilize equipment at this level are striving to produce the highest volume output and quality concrete product, highest profit at the lowest cost per unit. Plant layout designs normally incorporate all new concrete block making equipment, and the building is designed around the concrete manufacturing equipment for highest efficiencies.
Normally, companies that purchase block equipment at this level have been in business for many years, however, some new startups do exist given they have the sales demand to justify the high volume of production this system will produce. If the management team has not previously operated a concrete block or paving stone machine in the past it is vital to invest in finding a qualified person to operate and train your people. This type of person needs to be skilled in having previously operated a totally automated manufacturing system and understands processes and procedures at all levels. If you don’t have or cannot find this type of person REIT can supply extended training options by having REIT own service technicians extends stays at your facility and develop a specific program to fit your needs.

REIT automatic block machine system incorporates many individual processing stages and coordinates them together automatically with the end result of making high quality concrete products. These individual operating stages include the concrete batching and mixing of the concrete in preparation for the block machine process. This is where the sand, rock, cement and water are weighed and proportioned into the correct amounts and then dispensed into a blending concrete mixer. Once the materials are mixed the second processing area is the block machine casting and forming of the concrete products. This also includes automatically taking the freshly made units to the curing rooms for overnight storage

The final processing stage is the packaging line. REIT concrete products are automatically extracted from the curing room and then placed in position for palletizing. Once the palletizing process has started the concrete products are packaged into the proper shipping cube size and taken to the shipping yard by fork lifts.

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