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If you are planning to import block machine from China, you must have a lot of questions.

How should you choose suitable block machine, automatic brick machinery, semi-automatic block making machine, or manual brick machine? How to ensure block machine product quality? How do I ship from China?

In this complete guide, you learn everything you want to know about buying block machine from China.

Why import block machine from China?

When sourcing your block machine suppliers overseas, the first question is: which country should I source my product from? I’m not going to bore you with the reason like “China makes the product at low cost”.

Which country is the top exporter of block machine in the world?
I’d go straight to the answer, China is the world’s largest exporter of block machine.

Which countries import the most block machine from China? Block machine market highlights:
The block machine market is expected to project a notable CAGR of 6.5% in 2030. Block machine market to surpass due to growing awareness of maintenance cost savings and operational performance, the global demand for block machine is expected to expand significantly in the next few years.

Block making machine market: regions block machine market is segmented based on regional analysis into five major regions, North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC, and MENA.

What are the types of brick machines for sale?

Knowing the classification of the brick machine, you can have a good understanding of which brick machine is suitable for you. You can choose the brick machine most suitable for you according to the functions of different brick machines.
From the degree of automation, it can be divided into automatic brick machine, semi-automatic brick making machine, and manual brick machine.
From hydraulic and non-hydraulic, it can be divided into hydraulic brick machine, mechanical vibration block machine.
From the raw materials of the bricks, concrete block machine, cinder block machine, fly ash brick machine, cement brick machine, clay brick machine, compressed earth block machine.
Whether the brick machine is mobile can be divided into mobile brick machine and stationary brick making machine.
The dimensions of bricks distinguish brick machines, hollow block making machine, solid block making machine, paver block machine, interlocking brick making machine.
But you need to know that a brick machine can produce bricks of various sizes above, but you need to buy more brick molds. One mold corresponds to one brick size.

Fully automatic concrete block making machine

REIT Automatic block making machine RT15A

REIT Automatic block making machine RT9A:

A fully automatic brick machine, from the mixing of raw materials, to the transportation of raw materials, and the forming of bricks, is completely automated. The PLC control system is equipped with a preset program that can automatically produce bricks.
Advantages: The automatic brick machine greatly saves manpower and has high production efficiency.
But the relative disadvantage is that the cost is relatively higher due to the abundant configuration of the automatic brick machine.
Suitable people: If your brick output requirements are high, local labor costs are high, and your budget is higher, you can choose a fully automatic brick machine to produce a large number of bricks to occupy your brick sales market.
Generally, the models of Chinese automatic brick machines are RTQT6, RTQT9 , RTQT12,RTQT15, etc.
Configuration of automatic block making machine: cement silo, aggregate batcher, concrete mixing machine, belt conveyor, host brick machine, PLC control system, Hydraulic station, block stacker.

Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

Hydraulic brick making machines are generally fully automatic brick making machines. They are called hydraulic brick making machines because they are equipped with hydraulic stations. In addition to mold vibration, brick molding also has hydraulic pressure. The brick molding time is short and the efficiency is very high.
And all pavement tiles with color on the surface need to use a hydraulic brick making machine, you need to choose a secondary feeding color material system, this system needs hydraulic power.
The hydraulic brick machine can be vibration-free hydraulic brick machine – large tonnage press. Only static pressure molding, no vibration motor, almost no noise.
The pressure is high, the brick molding time is short, and the output is large. It can be equipped with a mechanical gripper to realize a fully automatic cyclic brick making process.

Advantages of hydraulic brick machine: fully automatic control, highest efficiency, maximum production output.
Disadvantages of hydraulic brick machine: maintenance is relatively complicated and the price is high.
Suitable for people: Suitable for those who are already in the brick manufacturing industry. You want to expand the scale of production and greatly increase your output. And you need to produce colored pavement bricks, and your budget is enough, it is recommended that you choose hydraulic brick making machine.

Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete block making machine: It mainly uses concrete as raw material. After being stirred by a concrete mixer, the concrete is conveyed to the mould to produce concrete bricks of various specifications.
Using concrete as raw materials: cement, sand, pebbles, cinder, fly ash, etc. According to a certain proportion, concrete masonry units are produced through concrete brick making machines.
For details, please refer to the concrete block raw material ratio table:
Can produce concrete hollow bricks, color blocks. concrete solid blocks, concrete paver blocks, concrete interlocking bricks.

Advantages of concrete block machine:

There are a wide range of brick models, from manual to fully automatic, and various models of brick machines are sold, which can meet users with various budget requirements. And one brick machine can produce bricks of different sizes, only need to change different molds.
With environmental protection requirements, concrete bricks have begun to replace clay bricks.
And the concrete bricks have very high strength and are suitable for various construction needs.
The raw materials are very abundant, the amount of cement used is small, construction waste, and the waste fly ash used in power plants can also be used as raw materials.

Disadvantages of concrete block machine:

The raw material can only be concrete, and clay cannot be used as raw material.
Suitable people: Suitable for those who are only used to produce concrete bricks, and you can easily find raw materials. Moreover, the choice is large, and there are many models to meet various needs of customers.