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REIT Technology Development Co., Ltd strive to become a leading domestic operation service in the smart ecological and environmental protection industry with technology promotion as the core business.

On July 9, 2022, Li Mei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Honghe Prefecture Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and Secretary of the Mengzi Municipal Party Committee, Li Xingquan, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Qing, Xiong Bo, Deputy Mayor, and Li Yongqiang, Director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, and others went to the Beijing headquarters of REIT Technology Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Reto Eco-Solutions Co., Ins., visited and guided and conducted in-depth exchanges, and negotiated about project cooperation.

Dai Guangfeng, vice chairman of REIT Technology Development Co., Ltd., firstly expressed his warm welcome and gratitude to the leadership team of Mengzi City, Honghe Prefecture, who came from afar, and introduced the development history of Reto Group, the general situation of listing, operation and future development planning.

Qiao Wenjun, Senior Vice President of Reto Group and Executive Dean of Reto Research Institute, introduced the current coal gangue solid waste treatment projects in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shanxi and Hainan related areas, the establishment of ecological research institutes, EOD land restoration, mine tailings treatment and emergency response and the progress of projects such as digital platform construction.

At the meeting, Bai Haitao, general manager of Yunnan Litu, introduced the situation of the “one-water and two-sewage” project. Secretary Li Mei expressed the hope that Mengzi City’s urban waste treatment can introduce the technology and equipment of Reto Group.
Secretary Li Mei gave a detailed introduction to the industrial resources and business environment of Honghe Prefecture. The two parties discussed the treatment of rural and urban sewage; the construction of urban waste treatment, sewage and waste treatment equipment, the incineration of local straws and peels for biomass fuel and the treatment of bio-organic fertilizers. ; In-depth exchanges were carried out in the fields of smart agricultural machinery, abandoned mine restoration, and eco-tourism.

Secretary Li Mei expressed the hope that Reto Group come to visit Mengzi City, Honghe Prefecture as soon as possible, take advantage of its own advantages and the successful model of investment and operation, deeply participate in the economic and social development of Honghe Prefecture, and further deepen the communication and connection between local enterprises.


Vice Chairman Dai Guangfeng said that Reto Group is willing to cooperate sincerely with Honghe Prefecture to strengthen in-depth multi-field cooperation in areas such as the restoration of abandoned mines, comprehensive environmental management, rural and urban waste and sewage treatment, and work together to develop a better future for the development of local enterprises.

Looking forward to the future, Reto will use the care of leaders at all levels as the driving force to integrate and upgrade the comprehensive utilization of solid waste and ecological and environmental protection construction with digital Internet of things technology, and strive to become a leading domestic operation service in the smart ecological and environmental protection industry with technology promotion as the core business.

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