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REIT participated in the “2021 National Bulk Solid Waste Resource Utilization Technology/Equipment Exhibition” held in Beijing during the “2021 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Surrounding Area Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization High-level Forum (5th)”. The theme of the conference was “Innovation to lead the problem of solid waste resource utilization in traditional industries, and coordinated development to build a new pattern of resource recycling industry”. REIT participated in this forum as a supplier of environmental protection building materials, equipment and overall solutions for ecological governance and restoration.

The meeting mainly pointed out that the solid waste in our country is increasing continuously, but the utilization rate of conversion is very low. There are obvious problems in the comprehensive utilization of resources in some areas, the uneven distribution of solid waste types in the region, and the serious homogenization phenomenon.

REIT Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd. is based on “science and technology to improve the ecology”, and established in the brownfield ecological restoration industry, and provides “one-stop” solutions for China’s ecological governance, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of solid waste industries. REIT applies the international advanced comprehensive utilization technology of construction waste and tailings to the production of eco-friendly building materials, effectively solving the current low utilization rate of solid waste conversion.

REIT’s comprehensive utilization of abandoned mine solid waste and construction waste treatment not only protects the ecological environment, but also provides sufficient raw materials for environmentally friendly building materials. Effectively reduce the pollution of solid waste to the living environment, and obtain good social and ecological benefits. Realize the coordinated development of ecological restoration and regional economy with a new model of industrial integration.