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On October 17, 2019, Mr. Li Hengfang, CEO of RETO ECO-SOLUTIONS, INC. (NASDAQ: RETO), was interviewed by Phoenix TV Americas “Tiantian Topic” program in the United States.

Mr. Li Hengfang elaborated on the theme of “Focusing on Climate Change and Improving Ecology with Science and Technology”, from the perspective of a high-tech entity environmental protection enterprise, and as the first ecological stock listed on Nasdaq among Chinese environmental protection enterprises, the efforts made by Retu shares in solving global warming and improving human settlement ecology through science and technology.

Reto Co., Ltd. can provide a “one-stop” overall solution for China’s environmental governance, especially ecological restoration, resource reuse of solid waste, and economic and industrial guidance and production after restoration, realizing the whole process of ecological restoration industrial chain. It not only fills the gap of R&D capacity in the field of solid waste treatment and raw materials in our country, but also lays a solid foundation for the upgrading and development of solid waste treatment and material technology in China.

In the interview, Mr. Li Hengfang introduced that the use of Reto’s technology to make full use of solid waste production of new environmentally friendly paving materials used in urban construction can effectively solve the urban heat island effect.

Regarding the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” announced by the United Nations, Mr. Li Hengfang also elaborated on himself and Reto’s understanding of the three dimensions of society, economy and environment and the specific practice in the development process.

Ecological restoration and solid waste recycling can effectively improve the survival and living environment of residents; through the industrial development after environmental restoration, it can provide decent jobs and regional economic growth for residents in the restoration area, thereby promoting industrial development, innovation and development. infrastructure. Bring sustainable cities and communities to people.

Finally, when answering the reporter’s question “Why did you choose Nasdaq for listing?”, Mr. Li Hengfang said, “As a Nasdaq-listed company, Reto Co., Ltd. adheres to open, transparent, compliant and legal management and operation, based on this, makes Reto an international company.”